Project FunfZyl Coil Pack Upgrade

Project FunfZyl

Bradly is back with another 1995 Audi C4 UrS6 update as he takes us through bringing Rowdy back to his original state. 

Words & Photos: Bradley Brownell

Sometimes when something is worth doing, it is worth doing to excess, and I always follow that ethos when it comes to our ‘vintage’ project Audi. Our 5 Cylinder Turbo has always been our favorite part of this car, so when that gem of an engine started stumbling, it crushed us. The coil packs all feed into a single loom of wires. Because of that, replacing a coil requires a moderately complicated splicing of wires.

In addition to that, AAN engine coils are well in excess of $100 each, and the twin “POS” igniters on the firewall can also be over $150, so replacing all of the ignition components would eat into our budget quite a lot. Luckily, we found this kit from 034 Motorsport that allowed us to upgrade our AAN (also works for ABY and ADU engines) to make use of the newest 2.0T coil packs with integral igniter units. The kit was an easy install, and only cost about $390 shipped to our door.

We’ve done a few projects before billed as “capable of completing in an afternoon with minimal tools”. Unfortunately, more than a few of them come with snags and hangups that can lay your car up in the garage for a day or two. This one, though, lived up to the billing. 034 Motorsports has put together an extraordinarily easy to use and beneficial kit that makes this coil conversion as easy as pie. Follow along to see the complete simple 6-step installation process.

Photo 1

STEP 1 –

Begin by removing the four Allen headed screws from the stock coil cover. The cover is spring tensioned, so remove each of the four evenly across the cover to avoid stripping the holes.

Photo 2
Step 2 –

Connect the four screws, pick the lid straight up off of the cylinder head, as the coils which connect directly to the cover. At this point, you can remove the brown ground wire (pointed out by the red arrow).

Photo 3
Step 3 –

Remote the two flat head plastic retaining screws and remove the plastic cover at the rear of the engine compartment.
Photo 4
Step 4 –

Unclip the four connectors at the rear of the firewall (identified in the photograph above), and remote the entire ignition coil cover in one hunk.
Photo 5

Photo 6
Step 5 –

Just plug the 034 harness into the four connectors on the firewall. The two sets of connectors are similar in exterior appearance and identified by the number of pin connectors.

034 makes this kit look simple, and they describe them as “plug and play”. I’ve never seen “plug and play” be such an apt description of a product before, but it is certainly an attribute of this one.

Photo 7
Step 6 –

Adding to the “plug and play” aspect of this kit, you just plug the coils into the harness, and install them onto the existing spark plugs. The new 2.0T coils just “pop” in, and you can feel that the engagement fits them.
After the installation of this kit, the stumble feeling of the dead cylinder was completely gone, as expected. The unexpected part, though, is that the car seems to run more smoothly, and deliver power more readily. We’re not sure that it is necessarily producing *more* power, but it does feel better. Either way, if any of these coils decide to kill themselves, the cost will only be about $20 to replace one, and are replaceable in about five minutes.

This project only took about half an hour to finish up. I think sometime soon I might modify the coil cover to fit with these new coils and install that over the top to make it look 100% stock again. The new coils are much larger and interfere with how the cover fits, but with some careful measuring and a cutoff wheel you can make quick work of fitting the coil cover properly. That’s for a future installment, though.


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