Speedriven Audi R8 V10 TT Blasts 1/4 Mile Record

Speedriven Audi R8 V10 TT

This past weekend, with the snow falling in Chicago and temperatures dropping below freezing, the Speedriven crew rolled a relatively stock-looking Audi R8 into a trailer for a trip to Bradenton Motorsports Park in sunny Florida. Once there, the guys got to work. They unloaded the car, lined it up, and quickly ran a 10-second quarter mile ET.

The second pass, a 10.18 second run at over 142 MPH, was a new Audi R8 1/4 mile record. Even so, it was just the start for Speedriven and Marko D., the car’s owner.

“I couldn’t live with myself if some kid with three different kits on his LS motor pulled up to me at a light and I had to ask him to roll alongside me in my $200,000 ‘exotic’ until we got to the next pole and then hit it,” says Marko D., the owner of Speedriven’s latest Audi R8 build explains. “I’d rather set the car on fire. Then hang myself. Then set myself on fire, too. I’m just not doing it.”

Speedriven Audi R8 V10 TT

To make sure their client didn’t need to go to such extremes, Speedriven took Marko’s Audi R8 and added their “L1” twin-turbo package. That consists of a pair of highly-responsive turbos, a set of purpose-built intercoolers and intakes, an upgraded fuel system, and a custom, free-flowing exhaust system to the otherwise stock V10. Those upgrades were good for more than 1100 HP on race gas- but there’s a lot more to winning a drag race than just horsepower.

To that end, Speedriven modified the Audi R8’s rear suspension to maximize weight transfer to the rear of the car- where they’ve fitted a set of impressively serious-looking Mickey Thompson drag radials and custom Bogart Racing bead-lock wheels.

Once the suspension and traction control were dialed in following a series of hard launches, it was time to get started.

The first was marred by a bad shift, signaled by a loud pop that echoed across the track. Even so, it was a 10-second pass. Trying again, and another bad shift- but this one was quicker still: 10.18 @ 142.5 MPH. Whatever else happened, the Speedriven Audi was proving to be a consistent 10 second car, and was already a record-breaker.


On the next pass, everything came together for Marko’s R8. It blasted off the line, setting a seriously quick 1.4 second 60′ time on its way to a 9.722 second pass at 143.28 MPH.

“I couldn’t be happier with the end results,” said Marko, after beating his “target time” by more than a full second. “The car looks almost totally stock, and runs awesome. Every time I drive it it feels faster than I remembered.”

You can see a video of the 9.722 pass at the top of the page, and check out a few trackside photos of this Speedriven-built, twin-turbo Audi R8 V10 in the gallery, below, along with the time slip. For more information and package pricing, visit Speedriven’s Audi R8 product page.


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