Audi Offers Voluntary Software Update for 850,000 Diesels

Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche are offering European owners a voluntary software update that will help their V6 and V8 TDIs “improve their emissions in real driving conditions beyond the current legal requirements,” according to Audi.

The retrofit is being offered to TDI engines that were approved under the Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions regulations. That covers TDI engines made from 2009 on.

Owners across Europe and other markets are being offered this no-cost update. Diesels sold in some markets outside of Europe are also covered, but the US and Canada will not receive the update.

The move follows a pledge both Audi and BMW made to Bavaria’s state government in June to develop software to cut emissions from diesel engines.

We believe there are more intelligent options than driving bans,” said Harald Krueger, BMW CEO, back in June. “That’s why we support the initiative of the Bavarian government for a comprehensive and lasting improvement of air quality in our cities.”

Many European cities are considering banning diesel vehicles outright, and Audi echoed Krueger’s sentiment today in a statement, arguing that this retrofit will help allay concerns about the effect of diesel vehicles on air quality.

The topic of diesels has been an especially hot one ever since the Volkswagen Group was found to be deliberately misleading emissions regulators in 2015.


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